Polish Your Personal Profile

Polish Your Personal Profile

As the title suggests, the following are simple yet highly effective ways to boost your profile and dazzle hiring managers. 

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1. Pat yourself on the back.  

Employers target candidates who possess skills and traits that align with the job requirements, but they also want someone who fits well in the company culture, and brings diversity and perspective. 

Sounds obvious, right? Well, kind of. 

This step is often overlooked or rushed when career profiles are created; however, this is your chance to showcase your talents and gain a competitive advantage. 

Take time to figure out not only your basic skills, but what you have to offer that is unique to your experience and background. Examples include miles driven accident-free, number of people managed and accomplishments, as the type of leadership you bring, the numbers behind your success or the method behind your creativity. 

What makes you not only qualified, but desirable? 

We recommend three to six quick hits about your best attributes, key skills and most interesting facts in the background section. Capture the attention of employers with what sets you apart from others.


2. Include a picture for a personal touch. 

A friendly smile goes a long way both in person and online! 

In a sea of black and white text, it’s refreshing to put a face to a name and resume. Add a photo so your future employer knows who you are. 

Studies show that people have a higher tendency to engage and welcome others whom they can see, not just hear or read about. In the age of technology, and the new social norm of mask-wearing, an image is actually quite powerful. 


3. Don’t forget to add your resume.

Make the hiring decision easy for HR! Add your resume to give hiring managers a better idea of the experience and knowledge you bring to the table. 

Tell hiring managers something they can’t find on your LinkedIn or Facebook profile. 

A resume doesn’t have to be boring or standard; add your most recent experience, but keep the descriptions short and powerful. Copying over from your LinkedIn is one method, but we also applaud those who bring in interesting and unique information that is relevant to the job. 

  • Have you worked side jobs that give you a more rounded set of skills? 
  • Do you have volunteer work or charitable experience? 
  • Do you have hobbies that bring new and interesting knowledge to the role?

These may seem trivial, but in reality, employers want to learn about YOU. Your total presence should increase the value of the business, the team you work with and the role you play. 


FreightCareers hopes these tips help you find the position you are seeking. Good luck, and happy (job) hunting!


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