4 Best Ways to Find Qualified Candidates on FreightCareers

4 Best Ways to Find Qualified Candidates on FreightCareers

While many companies that post positions on FreightWaves’ FreightCareers have professional human resources staff to develop listings, some smaller companies may not. For those companies, this primer may be helpful.

How do you attract a wide, yet qualified, variety of people to apply for your opening? An authentic post is eye-catching and appreciated by those who are looking for something specific, and those who are simply browsing. 

Don’t give basic, plain descriptions and phrases; share what matters from the employee’s perspective.

Do consider the following items to attract a diverse yet targeted audience. Attract the right candidate with an impactful, thoughtful job listing.

1. Understand your audience.

Many job seekers are “career-stepping,” or looking to combine their “job” and even their “passion” and turn it into a true career. These candidates have drive, character and perspective, and they want what you have.

How do you attract these candidates? Be specific about what makes your company stand out.

  • The background of your leadership
  • A proprietary process with proven results?

Others are “dreaming and planning,” or considering their future and trying to see what that could possibly look like. These candidates may not be qualified… yet. Making a stellar impression about your company, and their dream job, are essential. 

How do you attract these candidates? Paint the picture! 

  • Does your company have success stories of employees achieving longevity and growth? 
  • Is your company successful compared to its peers, or are there unique features or benefits of the position that are attractive?

Yet still, some viewers are “immediately available,” and in the current COVID-19 climate we have seen more qualified candidates looking to pick up where they left off before the pandemic – or before they were laid off due to the pandemic. These candidates are serious and ready to begin working immediately. 

How do you attract these candidates? Be clear and concise with expectations. 

  • Do you have a hiring date? 
  • What benefits can you share up-front? 
  • What are the hours?

2. Include a compensation range. 

This small yet incredibly significant suggestion has an impact on ALL viewers; serious candidates want to know if the correct value will be placed on their skillset, while planners would like to know what their goals could, or should, be as they align growth with value. Someone who is ready to take a job will be able to make a quick and convenient decision about applying, while someone who is just browsing will be able to make a mental note and potentially circle back around. 

Regardless of your target, including a compensation range (and benefits if possible), is both convenient for decision-making and considerate of time well spent by you and the viewer. 

3. Leave the kitchen sink where it belongs. 

While you want to give adequate details about your company, the job requirements and the role description, you do not want to overwhelm the reader. 

You want to reach the right people and provide the best information, and narrowing down what to share and what to “keep behind the curtain” can be a tricky line to walk. 

For FreightCareers, we recommend bullet points. Include the most important skills and/or education requirements, the most important duties of the role and a handful of company highlights, along with compensation, benefits and hours. 

Too little information might leave prospective candidates frustrated or bored, allowing them to easily move on; too much information is overwhelming, and also boring, giving viewers a reason to leave your listing.

4. Share your listing. 

If you want to make a killer impression, you have to be interesting and consistent on all platforms. 

Job seekers utilize social platforms to learn more about a company’s products and services, values and even its employees or, as they see it, future co-workers and leadership. 

Followers on one platform may not regularly check or even use other virtual spaces where your listing may be posted, which means your job posting has to shine wherever it is, and FreightCareers offers quick access to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share your job posting.

Your company is as successful as the people who work for it, and we don’t take that lightly here at FreightCareers. Leverage your freight industry profile to attract the candidate(s) your company needs.