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Getting Started in a Freight Career

Getting Started in a Freight Career

We’ve interviewed our own Talent Acquisition and Human Resources departments as well as those from other freight and logistics companies to help you start your career in freight and logistics, and here is what we found: 

Let’s tackle the age-old issue of “I am changing industries; I want this job but I don’t have industry-related experience, and no one will give me a job to gain this experience.”

How can you prepare? 

Maximize FreightCareers benefits

FreightCareers allows you to create a custom profile, search for jobs in the segment and career level you want and apply, all in one place. 

Leverage your cover letter

Communicate your passion for the industry and goals regarding your career change, and allow potential employers to learn more about your personality and character. 

Tailor your resume

They will also look for crossover skills; your success in  a parallel role or roles, your ability to work with a team, your drive to improve and grow, and so on. This gives an employer an idea of the type of employee you are. Many freight employers will also look for your tenure at previous jobs – will you be a long-term employee or are you jumping from one place to another? 

Invest in certifications

Some, but not all, freight roles require a certification of one kind or another. These include, but are not limited, to supply chain management, general freight trucking, transportation and distribution and transportation brokerage. What can you bring to the table using the resources readily available?

Dive into the data

Without industry experience, it is absolutely crucial that you know the workings of the freight industry itself. Luckily, FreighWaves offers insights relating to each segment of the freight and transportation industry, all for free. Resources are linked below to help you get started. 


Take the leap! 

Whether you think you’re perfectly qualified or not, apply anyway. From personal experience, I can tell you that some companies will take a chance and open the door of opportunity for you. 

“At FreightWaves, we look for a certain type of person. Yes, the resume and background matter, but so does the drive, passion and coachability. At FreightWaves, we’re more concerned with intellectual curiosity and character,” stated Chris Paul, Corporate Recruiter at FreightWaves.

Don’t forget that an interview goes both ways. (advice from FreightWaves’ Human Resources team)  

Do you represent the company’s values, do your goals align with its vision and can you add to the existing culture in a way that drives and inspires your peers? And on the flipside, does this company allow you to grow personally and professionally? Has it created a culture that you want to be a part of? 

This means you need to not only research and become familiar with the industry, but you also need to research the company. Utilize LinkedIn, the company website and online reviews. 

I know, it sounds obvious, HOWEVER, you may find that this particular opportunity may not be the perfect fit you originally thought. Or (and this is the outcome we all hope for) that knowledge could drive you straight to the top of the candidate list.  


Our take away? 

Take the time to do the research because you aren’t just applying to do a job, but to become part of the company; the best you can do is… your best.