Amazon Freight

The Amazon Transportation Services (ATS) organization collectively represents some of the most critical components of Amazon’s first-class transportation network. Everything we do is aimed at further delighting our customers with faster, cheaper and more efficient means of receiving packages. With Amazon Freight, SMB and Enterprise Shippers can tap into Amazon's world-class middle mile transportation solutions for their own freight needs, whether shipping inbound to Amazon to third-party facilities.

Your partner for the road ahead.

Amazon Freight came to life because we saw an opportunity to improve the freight transportation industry as a whole by leveraging Amazon’s innovation and logistics network to open doors for shippers, carriers, and drivers alike. We are fueled by our purpose: to put the power of Amazon behind each of our partners to equip them to succeed. We enable shippers to ship confidently, by letting them tap into our network, technology, and expertise. We empower carriers to find consistent work, Amazon Freight Partners to add assets, and help each grow their business. We are redefining the driving lifestyle, with better standards for safety and schedules. Everything we do is driven by our customer-obsession and desire to add the most value to the businesses of our partners. No matter which side of the road you’re on, we’re here to put Amazon to work for you.