NOVA Automation

NOVA Automation is an industrial automation company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing and integration of large scale packaging, palletizing, and material transport systems. We focus on providing complete end-to-end solutions using automation and robotics from the storage of material to the palletized product.

We are the sole manufacturer of all components in the automation line which allows for seamless integration with limited need for third party equipment/integrators.

NOVA's automation systems are built specifically to the customer's need and optimized to improve efficiencies and streamline the manufacturing process. The company operates within North America, South America, Australia and Europe and services customers including some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. These industries included Chemicals, Food, Landscape, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Bio-Fuel, Fertilizer, Sugar, Salt, Automotive, Industrial Materials...among others.

As a worldwide leader of conveyance lines, form-fill and seal technology, and open-mouth bag management, NOVA has a range of sewing, sealing, weighing and filling technologies, conveying lines and robotic bag palletizers. With a focus on quality, customer service, developing new products, innovation and design; NOVA has been able to provide some of the most reliable and efficient systems around the world.