ICAT Logistics

ICAT Logistics’ goal is to be the workplace of choice for the best and brightest. The attraction of top talent and hiring of A players is our corporate focus. Our mission of helping all we touch grow begins with our ICAT teammates. We recruit, hire and train based on experience and strengths and often modify a position for the best fit.

Our teammates truly understand our mission and are empowered to find the right solutions for our clients, resulting in the WOW feeling they have come to expect from ICAT. Entrepreneurialism, self-determination, and love of learning are just a few of the characteristics that describe our people. High-performing team atmosphere, personal growth, and mutual support are attributes we strive for.

From the first office in Baltimore opened in 1993, ICAT has expanded to offices across the US and to over one hundred global affiliate partners. ICAT has won awards and industry accreditations both regionally and nationally. Both financially strong and forward thinking, ICAT is poised for unprecedented growth. Do you have what it takes to join the ICAT team?