X Delivery

X Delivery is the all-in-one high-performance shipping carrier solution to help high-volume D2C ecommerce brands grow. Our enterprise shipping carrier API takes care of the heavy lifting involved in shipment routing, optimization, and every mile of ecommerce package delivery. The 100-year-old logistics industry is covered in red tape and hard assets - X Delivery cuts through and enables ecommerce packages to ship through our curated network without the hassle of choosing specific carriers, negotiating rates with each, or developing complicated carrier diversification plans.

Within the last year, we have 10x'd our monthly revenue and grown to nearly 50 team members. Some of the technology industry's most innovative contributors, managers, and executives are joining us to build the new era of shipping. We're driven by each other, and our goal is to create a world where all ecommerce packages are shipped by X Delivery.