Wicker Park Logistics LLC

Wicker Park Logistics is a forward-thinking 3PL, driven by innovative technology, integrity, radical transparency, and the philosophy that nothing comes before service. Our aim is to create a highly integrated, human-centric service offering that brings value to all who interact with the company and builds strategic partnerships with customers and carrier networks.

Wicker Park Logistics invests heavily in two things: Our people & technology. We’ve entered a new era of thinking when it comes to how a business should be run and how an employee should feel walking through the door every day. We pride ourselves on building a community of respect and collaboration so every person in our organization feels confident in their ability to make effective, meaningful decisions to help drive our partnerships forward. By investing in next-generation technologies, our team has the tools in place to help our partners succeed on a daily basis.

Headquartered in Bloomingdale, Illinois, and with another primary office in Chicago, Wicker Park Logistics was founded in 2021. With proven technology behind the scenes, Wicker Park Logistics is a trusted, full-service 3PL on track to rival the largest and most well-known enterprises in logistics. And with that same technology, Wicker Park Logistics is ready for rapid expansion, growth, and strategic partnerships.