About Us:

Rushin River Water LLC is a trucking company that has been delivering bulk drinking water to residences, businesses, agriculture, special events (weddings, bicycle races, marathons) since 1985. Another critical service RRW offers is by providing water truck services for wildfire suppression (Calfire, US Forest Service, Department of the Interior and BLM) and emergency water services during disasters. And finally, we provide an exciting service to the S/F/X department in the film industry of Northern California.

Why Rushin River Water LLC?

  • We offer a relaxed work environment and flexible hours providing our team members with the ability to work in an enjoyable workplace in a rewarding career.
  • We offer great pay and bonuses where our team members are rewarded for excellent work habits and quality productive work.
  • We promise purpose-driven work so that you can achieve the personal goals and values that we and you feel aligned toward.
  • We provide opportunities to learn and gain new skills and knowledge; the essence of teamwork.
  • We give high-level training by consolidating many, many years of experience and employing new and exciting technology whenever possible.
  • We have possible overtime for drivers because your extra effort must be rewarded,

Our Mission:

We are a reliable trucking and water service source that makes people feel confident and safe about their lives, jobs, work and business, and their own personal and business needs. The mission for this role is to deliver every load on time daily, as scheduled. Providing excellent service to our customers while operating safely at all times. To create a friendly and professional relationship with our customers. To be their hero in time of need.

Role Core Focus

Our company brand promises are:

1) we deliver your water on time before you run out of it, and

2) we treat our customers with courtesy & appreciation.

The driver is also focused on 90% or more customer satisfaction and keeping consistent, clear, and friendly communication with the team (the owner, manager, dispatcher, bookkeeper, and fellow drivers. Only with your help can Rushin River Water LLC guarantee and promise these first two, and most important statements to our customers.