Phillips Connect

Phillips Connect was born out of an obsessive drive to move the transportation industry forward.

For nearly a hundred years, Phillips Industries has been making a difference in the lives of our customers. From our engineers to our passionate sales team, we deeply understand the unique challenges our customers face every day. By becoming our customer, we are able to develop products that are easy-to-install, intuitive to use, and scalable for the future.

For those who need instant data analysis and insight in the most critical conditions, we’ve developed a complete solution that saves time, money, and lives.

In bringing Phillips Connect online, we used our experience in heavy-duty trucking to create an open platform that consolidates sensor data from every major manufacturer into one integrated and intelligent system. The suite of Phillips Connect hardware and software is like nothing else on the market, designed to be an integrated solution for use with any size fleet. Our tracking and management products increase driver uptime, safety, and ROI, while providing complete transparency into the status of an entire fleet, all in real-time.