Secor Logistics

Secor Logistics is a dedicated logistics provider. We specialize in tailoring production-based and logistical solutions for each customer. Unlike traditional logistics providers, at Secor Logistics, no two customers are handled the same way. We have the capability to handle not just a portion of your business, but all of your business.

Our team brings decades of experience to the table and a passion for problem-solving. We come from humble beginnings but are growing at a rapid pace. Recruiting and hiring high-quality, passionate employees is vital to our continued growth.

We pride ourselves on our family values. Our employees treat customers as they would their our own. We respect our colleagues and customers and value your trust. Our team of dedicated employees is also vital to our success.

We would be honored to help solve your logistics challenge. The process begins with an in-depth conversation to gain an understanding of your business and ends with your needs being individually met. Secor Logistics is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, but our services span nationally and our customers are international.