J&A Freight Systems, Inc.

Since 1986, J&A Freight Systems has been providing our clients with a competitive advantage through effective supply chain management. Today's transportation marketplace is dynamic, fraught with inefficiencies, and draining of valuable resources. Your competitors see these as barriers to success. At J&A, we see them as your opportunity to shine.

We pride ourselves on fostering an atmosphere that is contrary to corporate structure. Our offices are breeding grounds for innovative ideas, where your input is not only needed, but vital to our growth. You may become a new team member, but you will be treated with the same respect as our most tenured employee-owners. Because our industry is increasingly more dynamic, J&A management is committed to fostering the continuing education of our colleagues. Even our most experienced staff members attend regularly scheduled workshops on industry specific topics administered by logistics experts with decades of supply chain experience.

Along with these principles (because principles are nice, but you can’t eat them) we offer competitive salaries, the most aggressive commission structure in the industry, medical/dental coverage, and a 401K plan with corporate matching. So whether you feel your talents can be directly applied to one of the advertised positions, or your skills can be invaluable in a new position, contact us via e-mail and attach your resume