TTN Fleet Solutions

We manage half a million repair events every year, and we’re available to you around the clock, at night, or on weekends — whenever you may need us. Imagine the ability to manage your operation and to switch to ours — at a moment’s notice — any time you need extra support.

Our knowledgeable, capable technicians answer calls immediately, act with a sense of urgency, and keep drivers engaged throughout repair or recovery processes. Our technology mimics your protocols, decision processes, and OE specifications to maximize warranty claims.

We can answer phones, enter calls into our system or yours, and dispatch repair providers as needed. Need us to handle the entire dispatch engagement? Want us to pay bills and send you a consolidated statement? We can and do for hundreds of maintenance operations, every day.

Our platform is designed to scale. So it works for fleets of any size. We offer everything you need to offer your drivers a better experience.