Weekend Dispatch

Logistimax LLC – Asheville, NC

Logistimax is a third-party logistics provider that manages over-the-road shipments from manufacturer's warehouses to their customers. We act as brokers by tapping into the trucking market to identify qualified carriers that are willing to haul our shipments for the rates that we need, in the timeframe that we have and shipments are always in transit. We are looking for a qualified candidate to manage the weekend help desk.

This position is flexible and while we are looking primarily for a part-time weekend held desk manager, we can add nights to become a full-time position. This position is a great entry-level position for anyone interested in the logistics industry with room for growth. Qualified and successful Weekend Dispatchers will have the opportunity for promotion to brokers.

Responsibilities for this position are as follows, but not limited to:

- Tracking and ensuring shipments are on time and as scheduled

- Managing any issues that come up during transit

- Covering shipments


- Attention to Detail

- Ability to Learn Quickly While Applying New Skills

- Proficient in Multiple Computer Platforms and Ability to Learn New Platforms Quickly

- Driven to Succeed

- Deadline Driven

- Above Average Communicator

- Exceptional Writing Skills

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,000.00 per year