BN Dulay Trux Ltd.

BN DULAY TRUX LTD. is an asset based full-service international logistic company serving US & Canada providing services to the region since 1984. With offices in US and Canada, we operate a fleet tractor trailers hauling general freight, produce, lumber throughout Canada and United States of America. We strive to serve our customers with services that meet their needs, we take pride in providing customer a variety of surface transport services through Vans, Super B, Flats, Quads, Curtain Vans, Step Decks and Roll Tite.

BN Dulay Trux Ltd. provides a variety of specialized regular and hazmat services like open deck service for the mills, steel, agricultural, oil and gas, construction equipment, construction material, aerospace, defense, consumables and mining industries as well as many other specialty manufacturing sectors. At BN Dulay Trux, we put a strong emphasis on safety and customer service. BN Dulay Trux Ltd. serves all across Canada and the U.S. for over 35 years.

BN Dulay Trux is approved by Canada Customs, USA Customs, FAST, Partners in Protection, CSA, C-TPACT. Most of our drivers have FAST CARD, TWIC CARD & Hazmat Trained. We can haul bonded goods between Canada and USA too.

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