Our Story

Our story isn't one of sexy, Silicon Valley unicorns. It's one of grit, determination, and a rapidly changing marketplace.

Amazon IPO'd the year I graduated from high school. Since then, it has felt like the speed of advancement has accelerated every year, leaving virtually everyone else behind.

After college I bought a small pack and ship store where I found myself right in the middle of this global transformation. Shipping software was old, the results were unpredictable, and my customers were counting on me to have all the answers. My phone was literally ringing off the hook with customers asking me the same question, "What is the shipping cost?"

Most of today's shippers find that their second highest expense, second only to cost-of-goods, is shipping! Yet they are entering each transaction blind. They have inaccurate data and their entry-level shipping software lacks the controls they need to impact these costs.

ShipHawk was founded to level the playing field, to give control back to the shippers, the retailers, manufacturers, and distributors who need these levers to stay competitive.

The stakes have never been higher.

Our mission is to create a world where shipping positively impacts society without thrashing workers, our environment, or the bottom line.

Today we do this by focusing on warehouse automations specifically around parcel and LTL order fulfillment, but we won't stop building until our customers have equal access to enterprise-level efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Jeremy Bodenhamer
Co-founder & CEO