Simon Transport

Having a family-centered culture isn’t just something we say, it’s the foundation on which we’ve established our business model since day 1, Simon Transport has been operated by the same family who founded it. Treating our drivers as an extension of our family is as central to our values as it is to our growth. We do everything to ensure our drivers know they’re respected and offer recognition where it’s due.

Why Simon Transport? There are many great advantages to driving with Simon besides our pay package, benefits (health, dental and vision insurance and a retirement plan), Simon offers drivers the peace of mind that goes hand-in-hand with working for a well-established company that maintains a strong financial position. We have built our company around providing our drivers top CPM, top of the line equipment and technology.


Call me today with any questions 801-326-8293


Earn up to $65K+ per year

APU, Refrigerators, and Microwaves on all trucks

Financial stability to ensure job security

Newer Fleet- 2018-2019-2020 Freightliner

Cascadia’s W/Detroit 400HP/1750 TRQ

Dispatched out of local terminal

Open Door policy

Multiple points of contact (have everyone’s direct number rather than just a 1-800 number)

Benefits (health, dental, vision insurance with a retirement plan.)

Simon Transport = Strong family culture, love of country, trucking and commitment to our core values.