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To transport and deliver freight by driving a tractor trailer, straight truck, van or pick up truck, short or long distances.


Hook and unhook trailers from the tractor. Load and unload trailer, either individually or with assistance of dockworkers,, with or without mechanical freight handling equipment. Perform frequent lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying of freight of varying weights.

Must know how to secure all shipments by bracing with such equipment as an "E" bar, straps, wood, .nails etc.; to prevent movement or loss of freight

When hazardous materials are present, check shipping papers for proper preparation. Be sure applicable placards are displayed on the truck.

Drive tractor trailer in accordance with federal regulations.

Apply knowledge of commercial driving skills in maneuvering vehicle at varying speeds in heavy traffic, inclement weather, and in tight loading dock areas.

Ensure that all documentation required to move with the shipment is complete and available for inspection.

Ensure proper load count at shipper and consignee, and obtain proper signatures.

Maintain records required for compliance with state and federal regulations including drivers' logs, mileage :records; plus other records required by law.

Report all accidents and workers' compensation claims immediately to the Human Resources Department. For accident purposes, be sure a camera is in the truck you are driving and you are carrying a spare.

Professional representation of the company through responsible driving and.personal conduct. Drivers making long hauls must be prepared to stay overnight in route to or near the point of

destination due to an unanticipated change in delivery, breakdown of equipment, inclement weather, or near the end of legal hours of service.

Drivers must follow the directions of the Dispatcher and Warehouse Supervisor.



Must possess a valid commercial driver's license,if driving a vehicle in excess of 26,000 lbs. Must have acceptable motor vehicle record

Must meet required age restrictions per D.0.T. and insurance co.

Must have the ability to read. write, perform simple mathematical calculations handle receipts, read maps, road signs, maintain logs, etc.

Required to attend various meetings and training sessions relating to the job. Must have good oral communication skills.

Must be able to follow instructions and take directions. Must have working knowledge of D;O.T regulations. Must meet the medical standards of the D.0.T.

Must satisfactorily pass a pre-employment and subsequent random drug and alcohol test.

Have general knowledge of equipment as to be able to replace missing or burned out light bulbs, check: and inflate tires if required.


Must be able to sit and remain alert while driving up to ten hours, and /or on duty for up to 1.5 hours.

Must be able to shift manual transmission and operate foot pedals.

Must be able to perform frequent bending and pushing of skids that may be in excess of 2,000 lbs. in. order to handle and position freight and be able to enter and exit the vehicle's cab as many as 20 times a day or more. Cab floor is generally 54 inches above ground level, with entry and exit achieved with the assistance of steps and handholds; requires frequent bending. twisting, climbing, squatting, crouching, and balancing.

Must be able to lower trailer landing gear by cranking handle for approximately three minutes by repetitive motion.

Must be able to reach over tractor tires 36 inches to pull fifth wheel release.

Must be able to hook and unhook, manually lower and raise gear, attach and release safety

chains, open and close cargo doors, climb into and out of vehicle.

Must not have any restrictions on lifting, as.the job requires loading and unloading cartons and containers that weight up to 50 pounds each. No restrictions on sitting, standing, climbing, or bending.

In the event of mechanical 'problems while away from the shop, must be able to hand tilt truck hood or cab.

Must be able to operate a hand truck, pallet jack and other standard freight handling equipment

Must be able to tilt a full drum of chemicals and roll it either out of on into the vehicle. And be able to move the full drum through the use of a drum carrier.


Drivers may spend 100% of their time out-of-doors, exposed to potentially difficult environmental conditions.

Drivers may be subject t() irregular work schedules, temperature and weather extremes, long trips, short notice of a trip assignment, tight delivery schedules, delays in route, and other stresses and fatigue related to driving on crowded .highways in all kinds of weather.

Drivers typically spend a large percent of on duty time in their trucks. While driving, operators are exposed to noise and vibration levels which may be higher than those typically experienced in a car.

Statements included in this:job description do not necessarily represent an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills; duties, requirements, efforts; or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job to require that other or different tasks be performed as circumstances change.

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