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AscendTMS is partially owned by a large, publicly traded (NASDAQ), FDIC regulated, national bank holding company. So, you can rest assured that we do things by the book - and that your business success is our only goal in life. In fact, our vast financial resources allow us to provide new Transportation Management System (TMS) features as you ask for them, and at no additional cost to you. Moreover, AscendTMS is profitable and totally debt free.

We were founded in 2002 with the idea of developing a Transportation Management System (TMS) that could be used from a web browser - avoiding the typical complex installations, configurations and setups - without the need for any internal IT staff or IT support. Back then, this was truly revolutionary thinking. So, fast forward to today and what you will notice is that there are dozens of TMS providers out there - but none of them can deliver a true cloud-based TMS system, nor any of the benefits that come with it. However, with AscendTMS, we’ve perfected cloud TMS, and we give you state of the art cloud-based TMS technology that GUARANTEES to immediately lower your costs and increase your profits - or you’ll never pay us a single penny.

We have no hidden agenda like some of the other TMS providers out there. We are simply a leading software company specializing in Transportation Management Systems and Logistics Software, and we employ intelligent people who have extensive knowledge on how the transportation industry works. We are not affiliated or owned by any other company in the transportation industry - so there is no conflict of interest when you use AscendTMS. Our mission is simple, to provide you with the best TMS at the most affordable price.

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