Business to Business Logistics LLC

Business to Business Logistics is led by 2 seasoned, experienced owners with over 25 years in the Business.

Owners who have successfully built their own business and then expanded in to bringing on Agents and Agency's and they also understand what Agents go through, since they were and still are successful agents themselves.

The Partners, Matt Perkins and Matt Peckham, started Business to Business Logistics 8 years ago and built a Multi-Million Dollar agency on their own. Then they started an Agent side, which has successfully grown year over year, while solidifying protocols and practices to ensure agents had a full and successful playing field, that is financially stable.

They hired a VP of Agent Operations that is there for you 24/7, you are never left alone to struggle for help or answers. It is a team effort for all Agents at ShipBTB

Give a call and find out how BTB can help you grow and prosper. Be shoulder to shoulder with us in our growth and our success.