Dedicated Logistics Inc

At Dedicated Logistics, Inc. (DLI), we’re not just another transportation company. Sure, we provide many of the same services other transportation and logistics companies provide—dedicated fleets, 3PL services and warehousing, but that’s not where it ends. DLI is unique in that we provide something our competition does not: we solve problems.

DLI was founded in 1995 by president and CEO Tom Wintz. Tom had spent much of his life in various facets of the transportation industry, from working on a warehouse dock to selling transportation. Tom’s first-hand experience and knowledge of almost every area of the business gave him a unique perspective few in the industry have achieved.

Tom’s vision then was to create a company that didn’t just offer the products and services you’d expect from a transportation provider, but to take a more proactive approach to help his customers. Tom not only provided excellent service, he took the time to present ideas and creative solutions to customers. He knew efficiency and innovation could help customers recognize more savings than just cheap rates. He was right.

DLI employs drivers in a number of different positions. We have general flat-bed freight, dry van, line hauls, multi-stop delivery routes, shuttling/spotting, and regional routes available.

  • Dedicated Route Drivers: Drivers at DLI have the ability to work on a dedicated route for a dedicated customer. For most drivers, their route schedule is the same every day. This allows our drivers to get to know their customer’s needs on an individual basis. Dedicated routes are either multi-stop delivery routes or line-haul routes. Our dedicated routes keep you home every day with no over-the-road requirements.
  • Regional Route Drivers: Our regional routes are a combination of multi-stop delivery routes or line-haul routes. Our regional drivers are typically gone 1-2 nights per week and always home on the weekends.
  • Flat-Bed Division: Our flat-bed operators are either local route drivers or regional route drivers. Common cargo consists of anything from construction materials to structural steel. Most flat-bed positions require at least one year of experience in flat-bed work.