The Kenco tradition started on August 1, 1950 when Jim Kennedy Jr. and Sam Smartt Sr. stepped into the American National Bank to deposit the first capital investment of Cherokee Warehouses- $25,000. This started the warehousing market for Kenco. Kenco Inc. was formed in 1966 and the industry’s first “contract warehouse agreement” was drafted. After Sam Smartt Sr. passed away, Sam Smartt Jr. joined in 1979 to continue his father’s legacy. In 1999, Cherokee Warehouses and Kenco merged to become one of the leading 3PL’s. Today, Kenco is the 8th largest 3PL in the U.S. and the largest woman-owned 3PL in the U.S with Jane Kennedy Greene serving as the Chairwoman and majority owner. Through it all, Kenco has been based upon people and positive relationships at every level. It all started with two young men and has been successful with keeping a family-oriented company. Going strong today with over 5,000+ employees in the warehousing and transportation areas in North America who are proudly serving customers.